©2016 - A Metaphysical Thesis by - Jack McNally
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Nothing Exists

Reality is usually measured and described in qualitative, quantitative and spatial parameters - three basic criteria. Quantitatively there is a negative equivalent for every positive value and dimensionally there is an opposite for every vector. If each of the fundamental elements of the Universe is composed of reciprocally balanced sets of qualities and anti-qualities, then within the finite world the equivalent of Nothing exists.
But in the very real and not so 'relative' domain of infinity, absolute Nothing exists.

(3) Consider the fractions 1/2 and 1/999999,999,999,999,999. As the denominator of any fraction increases, its value decreases. Though the volume of infinity is unquantifiable and can't be represented by a number, it is obvious the ratio of the volume of any entity or composite (regardless how large) compared to infinity is Ø.

(2) Using any given point in space as the point of origin for an X,Y,Z axis, one may theoretically extend equidistant lines to infinity through the spectrum of three-dimensional coordinates. This describes a sphere which theoretically encompasses the Universe. By definition, the selected point is the center of that sphere - and the center of the Universe. Since the same can be done for all points in the Universe, the relative position of every entity in the cosmos is at its center.

(1) If every quality has a reciprocal, then the sum of the qualities in the Universe has a 'null' value. The equivalent of nothing exists, just not all in the same place...unless you look at it from infinity.

From a non-finite perspective nothing exists (1), has no relative location (2) and no size (3). It is the only perspective from which quantitative, qualitative and dimensional values all vanish. (Ø).

Nothing - It Ain't What You Think It's Not

The existence of Nothing requires no justification. It is the only phenomenon commonly considered to be essentially natural and intrinsically logical.

But just what IS Nothing?

The "void" of space isn't Nothing as in non-existent. Space may be non-material - i.e. it does not have the property of mass - but it occupies volume and anything which has a physical presence in the Universe exists. An infinite expanse of space devoid of matter requires no less logical justification than an infinite expanse of matter devoid of space.

Semantically, Nothing has two connotations :
Nothing(L) (in logical terms) is the null set - represented by the symbol 'Ø'.
Nothing(A) (in the abstract) is 'that which does not exist'.

But, 'that which does not exist' doesn't exist. It isn't an empty set, it is the absence of a set.

To consider Nothing(A) would be not to consider.
To perceive Nothing(A) would be not to perceive.
To understand Nothing(A) would be not to understand.

(Authors Note: If you think you understand the preceding paragraph, please go back and re-read it until you are absolutely certain that you don't.)

Imagine an inert, infinitesimal point in space - and then try to imagine that same point NOT in space. Better yet, try to describe for me something that neither has nor lacks quality, quantity or location. Logic and perception require definition and Nothing(A) is undefined.

The logical set of null value (represented by the symbol 'Ø') is neither positive nor negative, it is qualitatively, quantitatively and spatially neutral. As a value, it is unique in that regard.

Nothing(L) represents the neutral equilibrium that pervades the structure of the Universe.

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