©2018 - A Metaphysical Thesis by - Jack McNally
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Religion: The Eternal Supreme Being

If you ask if I believe in god, I will require you to define the term for me. If you cast god as the creator of the Universe, then my answer is an always unqualified "no". Existence is the SOURCE of cause and effect (change or creation), not the result of it. The cosmos is not the spawn of undetectable extra dimensions, supernatural deities or spontaneous singularities and if it was not created, then at best that iconic ol' gent must be out of a job. If you portray god as an omnipotent entity, then yes, of course there is a god, but probably not of the ilk you might expect.

God is not an invisible abstraction, she is easily demonstrable and very real. She speaks to us all every minute of every day. She is with us wherever we go. She sees all and knows all. And she didn't just write one book - she is the author of everything that has ever been written. You see her everywhere you look for she is, indeed, the Universe herself.

Omnipotent and eternal, Mother Nature doesn't desire your obedience, she already has it. The Laws of Nature cannot be broken. And she is neither kind nor cruel. If a baby steps off a cliff, she will crush it just as quickly as she would comfort another child in the warmth of his mother's love. While she demands your respect, Mother Nature has absolutely no use for your praise or worship. She cares not what your beliefs may be - the truth will still be true even if it is never acknowledged. She rewards those who understand her while those who do not ultimately punish themselves for their ignorance.

Zealots smugly bask in pious self-righteousness reviling us infidels who reject the conventional dogma labeling non-believers as creatures with no morals or reverence. I suggest the opposite is true. Forced attrition is not a virtue. If one acts in a righteous and moral manner out of fear of retribution by some omniscient and omnipotent deity, that person's demeanor is coerced by forced attrition; a delusional fear of eternal punishment. If one acts in a righteous and moral manner out of empathy for his fellow beings and because it is rational to do so to be in harmony with humanity and the other forces of nature, that person is acting from a vantage of logic and critical thinking with motives inspired by intellectual morality and common sense.