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Well, it seems we've made the universe infinite and eternal again, restored its balance and canceled its expiration date. Although you didn't become immortal you did become eternal. This stuff isn't exactly rocket science; it requires no esoteric equations, orbiting telescopes or expensive particle accelerators. You don't need a degree in biology, anthropology, cosmology, math or physics; or even a high school education to understand it. Fooled by nature's sleight of hand, lost in the complexities of esoteric equations, Academia has overlooked the obvious. Science has as much dogma and politics as religion and in the publish-or-perish ivory towers of academia, multiverses, extra dimensions and cosmic expansion into entropy death are where the real money is (with some strings attached). Beautiful equations can describe fantasy as easily as fact, but without the capacity to parse differentials with any degree of integrity, how could any lowly layman dare challenge the sanity of such sophisticated scholarly branes?

The duty of science is to make sense of the natural world. When it doesn't, it is nothing more than esoteric nonsense. This thesis has hopefully offered readers some enlightenment, but I'm afraid it poses a lot more questions than answers.

At least they will be the right questions.

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